2 November 2018: "Prospective Costs Orders in estate litigation." Law News

5 October 2018: "The Courts intolerance with toxic trusteeships." Law News

7 September 2018: "Extracting reasons from trustees for their decisions." Law News

10 August 2018: "Withholding Trust information from beneficiaries." Law News

13 July 2018: "A new problem for executors and a new risk for trusts." Law News

15 June 2018: "Information that trustees must give beneficiaries, and some reflections on the need for a specialist judiciary." Law News

18 May 2018: "A new significance for Memoranda of Wishes." Law News

20 April 2018: "Invalidating Wills which differ from previous Wills." Law News

16 February 2018: "Change your Will at your peril". Law News

1 December 2017: "Pugachev: a significant new trusts decision". Law News

3 November 2017: "November update on Trusts and Estates". Law News

6 October 2017: "Recent developments in trusts and estates". Law News

8 September 2017: "Unconscionable bargains". Law News

11 August 2017: "Film your elderly clients to reduce risks of litigation". Law News

14 July 2017: "Our muddied law of trusts: Part 2". Law News

16 June 2017: "The law of trusts muddied". Law News

19 May 2017: "Assessing testamentary capacity - an important new development". Law News

13 April 2017: "Does an enduring power of attorney authorise an attorney to act on a trustee's behalf?" Law News

17 March 2017: "When legal advice to trustees must be shown to beneficiaries". Law News

17 February 2017: "Can trusts that parents create for their children be intercepted by the children's spouses?" Law News

15 December 2016: "Changes to the law of trusts and what you might do about them". Law News

11 November 2016: "Constructive Trusts to reward housekeeping, Part 2". Law News

14 October 2016: "Constructive Trusts for domestic services". Law News

23 September 2016: "Effective control and sham Trusts". Law News

2 September 2016: "An important case on Constructive Trusts and settlor control". Law News

22 July 2016: "Clayton, The Supreme Court and the rule of law". Law News

24 June 2016: "The Constructive Trust heresy". Law News

27 May 2016: "The fate of Family Trusts following Clayton". Law News


Some Papers delivered at specialist conferences

Testamentary Capacity - The latest developments all Will drafters need to know - Legalwise Seminar 21 March 2018.

"Pot Pourri" - A Paper delivered with Andrew Butler at the 2017 Bi-annual Trusts Conference organised by the New Zealand Law Society.

An address with a general update on the law of Trusts delivered to the Company Accountants Special Interests Group in Auckland on 19 July 2017.

"How to make sense of the latest confusion about Trusts" - A Paper delivered at the 2017 Cradle to Grave Conference organised by the Auckland District Law Society.

"Think very seriously before agreeing to be a Trustee" - A Paper delivered to the 2016 Cradle to Grave Conference organised by the Auckland District Law Society.

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