5 December 2014: "The risks of removing Trustees who do not do what you want them to do".

7 November 2014: "Trusts: The requirement for uninomity in decision-making".

3 October 2014: "How to stop beneficiaries from obtaining information ...".

5 September 2014: "A beneficiary's right to see Trust documents".

8 August 2014 "A wife takes half the assets of a very big trust".

11 July 2014: "When will the Court order the removal of a trustee?"

13 June 2014: "Sham transactions".

9 May 2014: "Constructive Trusts: the new threat to family Trusts" Part 1.


Some Papers delivered at specialist conferences

Constructive Trusts – The current threat to Family Trusts” – A Paper that was delivered at the Auckland District Law Society “Cradle to Grave” Conference – The interface between property, trust and family law” – 7 and 10 April 2014.

"Trustee Deadlock.  Possible Solutions.  Applications to the High Court for help.  What are the procedures.  Who pays?" - A Paper presented at the CCH "Trusts, Succession Planning and Estates Conference" held in Auckland on 10 September 2014.

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