14 December 2012:  "Relationship property and trusts - the Law Commission's current proposals".

30 November 2012: "How the Law Commission would like to change the law of Trusts".

16 November 2012: "The Court finds a new way to take assets from trusts".

2 November 2012: "Conflict between trustees and beneficiaries: when can a trustee be removed?"

19 October 2012: "How to create Trusts that will endure: Justice Fogarty".

5 October 2012 "There is no such thing as a sham Trust" "There is no such thing as a sham". 

14 September 2012:  "The liability of the innocent Trustee:  how innocence and loss can go hand in hand".

25 August 2012:  "The Court of Appeal liquidates a law firm's trustee company and threatens its directors".

10 August 2012: "Might the Bundle of Rights theory emerge in another form?" 

27 July 2012: Some developments of interest from the USA and Australia.

13 July 2012:  A tale of two trusts and how the 'bundle of rights' doctrine and the alter ego doctrine affected them.

15 June 2012:  Trustees - the need for unanimity in decision making.

18 May 2012:  The future of Trusts.

4 May 2012:  The price a lawyer may have topay for acting for an "unreliable" client.

20 April 2012:  Justice Heath predicts the death of the Bundle of Rights "doctrine".

5 April 2012:  Alter Ego Trusts - a Company Law analogy.

23 March 2012:  Justice Winkelmann and sham trusts.

9 March 2012:  The alter ego doctrine in South Africa.

24 February 2012:  Can creditors claw back gifts from trusts?

10 February 2012:  Clauses that exonerate trustees from fault may be worthless.

27 January 2012:  The Court of Appeal considers when a disposition to a trust is an attempt to defraud a creditor.


Some Papers delivered at specialist conferences

"Understanding Insolvent Trading Trusts" - Address to LexisNexis Insol Conference, Pullman Hotel, 9 March 2012.

"Trustee Liabilities and Other Matters" - A Paper that was delivered to the Auckland District Law Society Conference at the "Cradle to Grave" Seminar on 26 March 2012.

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