The following is a selection of some cases that illustrate Anthony’s involvement with the law concerning Trusts, Estates and Equity.

Archer v Cutler – unconscionable bargains, the mental capacity to contract.

de Malmanche v de Malmanche – the first case under the Property (Relationships) Act.

A v B – Cook Islands litigation involving a Trust established by a USA settlor.

X  v X – a case that was litigated in the Family Court, High Court and Court of Appeal on the Courts’ powers to modify a Trust under s 182 of the Family Proceeding Act.

Oxley v Lookout Holdings Ltd – the interrelation of a Bermudan Trust and a New Zealand Trust including the powers to appoint a New Zealand appointer.

Fong v Wong CA – the meaning of the terms “fair market value” and “fair value” when applied to a shareholding in a Company.

Gordon v A-G varying the terms of a Trust.

Harrington litigation 2011- 2015 most of which was subject to confidentiality orders. This long-running litigation involved various aspects of Trusts, mental capacity, and related topics.

Farn v Loosley CA. Testamentary capacity.

Gavin v Powell – The ambit of discovery in Trust Litigation.

Oldfield v Oldfield – dividing a Trust’s assets under s 182 of the Family Proceedings Act.

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