Anthony provides advice of all areas of his specialist expertise.


Anthony is a seasoned litigator with experience in all the civil law Courts in New Zealand.


It can be difficult to find people who are willing to act as Trustees in cases of complexity or conflict. With his years of experience in advising on Trust disputes and acting as Counsel in trust litigation, Anthony is familiar with the types of difficulties that arise with Trusts, and with mechanisms that are used to overcome them. He may be willing to accept appointment as a trustee or an advisory Trustee (known in the Trusts Act 2019 as a “special trust advisor”) in cases where he thinks his input will help a Trust to be administered more productively on behalf of its beneficiaries.


It is common these days for disputing parties to try to avoid litigation and find a quicker and cheaper way to resolve their disputes.

Mediation has become the most popular alternative. A mediator uses his/her skills to try to get disputing parties to agree upon an acceptable solution. It is a voluntary process. The mediator can’t force anyone to agree to anything. Despite these drawbacks, the process has proven to be remarkably successful at securing acceptable solutions. Mediations tend to be quick and much cheaper than the cost of litigation.

Anthony is skilled at assisting clients in mediations.

Binding determinations

Mediation almost inevitably involves compromise. Litigants who want a more principled way to resolve their dispute can appoint a lawyer of known competency in the area of dispute and agree to accept his/her opinion as a binding determination. Anthony is available to give binding determinations.



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