Some Papers delivered at specialist conferences

"The significance of the Addleman case" - A Paper delivered at a Webinar organised by the Auckland District Law Society on 7 July 2021.

"Memoranda of Wishes" - A Paper delivered to the 2021 Cradle to Grave Conference organised by the Auckland District Law Society.


"The Preston case: why section 182 must go" LawNews

"A new tort: breaching a fiduciary duty to a child" LawNews

"A salutary reminder for independent professional trustees" LawNews

22 October 2021: "Govt ups the ante against trustees and beneficiaries" LawNews

1 October 2021: "How a beneficiary can take control of a Trust" LawNews

17 September 2021: "Legitimate expectations and the law of Trusts" LawNews

13 August 2021: "Getting a Trust to pay for litigation" LawNews

16 July 2021: "What trustees can do about Addleman" LawNews

18 June 2021: "Why Addleman is such a difficult decision" LawNews

11 June 2021: "Clayton not the key to unlock Trust assets" LawNews

30 April 2021: "Big changes coming for our laws of succession" LawNews

23 April 2021: "Govt ups the ante on trustee tax disclosure" LawNews

26 March 2021: "Advising clients on setting up trusts: a cautionary tale" LawNews

12 March 2021: "Court protects trust assets acquired before marriage" LawNews

26 February 2021: "Fraudulent calumny - an emerging cause of action" LawNews

5 February 2021: "Assessing testamentary capacity: an update on Banks" LawNews

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