Papers delivered at a specialist conferences

 "New Fiduciary Relationships" A Paper delivered at a Legalwise Seminar in Auckland on 23 November 2022.

"Can you structure a Trust that permits settlor control?" A Paper delivered to the 2022 Cradle to Grave Conference organised by the Auckland District Law Society on 5 May 2022.

"Can a beneficiary exercise 'effective control of a Trust via a corporate trustee of which he/she is the shareholder and director?" A Paper delivered at a Webinar organised by Legalwise on 11 March 2022.


9 December 2022 "Can a settlor's subjective intentions change the terms of a trust?" LawNews

1 December 2022 "How the courts might expand the law around fiduciary relationships" LawNews 

28 October 2022 "Parental fiduciary duty: the minority decision in D v A" LawNews

7 October 2022 "The Court of Appeal divides 2:1 on creating a new fiduciary duty" LawNews

16 September 2022 " Are there fiduciary constraints on removing a child as a beneficiary?" LawNews

5 August 2022 " the trustees' self-dealing rule is less strict than you might think" LawNews 

29 July 2022 "The test for challenging a trustee's decision" LawNews

17 June 2022 " When a Court can order meditation to resolve trust disputes" LawNews

27 May 2022 " Removing a trustee with dementia" LawNews

6 May 2022: "How a Trust might become an 'emerging sham'" LawNews

29 April 2022: "Why we need specialist Judges on the Supreme Court" LawNews

4 March 2022: "How 'worldly realism' might affect the distribution of assets" LawNews

4 February 2022: "The thorny issue of a settlor's intentions" LawNews


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